Performance bonds guarantee performance of a specific contract.  Payment bonds are usually issued with the performance bond.  The payment bond guarantees that the materials and subcontractors will be paid on the contract.  The goal is that the project can be completed free of liens.  The performance bond obligation merely ensures that the contract is completed based on the specific terms within the agreement.  Though they are two bonds that are considered the same obligation with only one premium assessed.  The qualification process greatly depends on the amount of the bond and the scope of the contract.  IOA represents over 30 surety markets from coast to coast.  We can get approval within 24 hours in most cases.

  • CPA Reviewed Statements not Required Previous Year’s losses OK
  •  Bond Rates Under 3%
  •  A-Rated / Treasury Listed Carrier
  • Outperforms SBA Bond Program with NO BOND SURCHARGE
  • Previous Bankruptcy OK
  • Past Credit Issues OK
  • Working Capital and Net Worth Issues OK
  • No Collateral Required (in most cases)
  • Credit / Short-Form Program up to $500,000.00
  • Environmental and Solar Risks are considered

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 SURETY LINES UP TO $250 Million